Soft Shades by Shaw

soft, durable, and beautiful

Soft Shades carpet is constructed of Shaw’s premier Anso nylon fibre. The carpet is soft, durable and available in a wide range of colours.

Soft Shades was designed for people who are looking for the luxury of soft carpet, such as Shaw’s Anso Caress carpet, but is more affordably priced. Shaw’s Soft Shades carpet line offers 40 colours in a variety of styles. With the variety of styles and colours, its long-lasting durability along with Shaw’s warranty this creative and affordable carpet line will prove to be very popular among consumers looking for a beautiful quality line of carpet.

Soft Shades carpet by Shaw

The Soft Shades Collection from Shaw is a great choice for anyone who wants a soft, durable, and beautiful carpet in their home.

The Soft Shades collection is one of the best carpets for your money in the marketplace today. Anso type 6 nylon is manufactured by Shaw and is one of the softest nylon carpets available. Shaw recently updated this line with a facelift of colours as well, so if you're looking for a great overall carpet at a very reasonable price point and features colours you'll see in the latest home décor trends.

Soft Shades Warranties Include:

  • Anso Nylon – Shaw’s premier nylon carpet brand
  • 20-Year warranty
  • 40 different colours to choose from

The Soft Shades collection is offered at affordable price points. With 12 new colors, Soft Shades offers design and style without sacrificing value.