Stainmaster TruSoft®

soft, durable, and beautiful

Complete Flooring Solutions features Shaw® Stainmaster TruSoft® carpets. Trusoft is one of our softest Stainmaster Carpet available, including Patterns, Berbers and short Plush styles.

TruSoft® has a luxurious feel and is the softest Stainmaster® carpet available. If your looking for a soft carpet that is also resilient and durable TruSoft® is manufactured to perform and maintain its appearance making it an excellent choice for carpet in your home. Trusoft® is designed to resist food and beverage stains and is easy to clean accidents and spills.

Stainmaster TruSoft® features

  • Stain resistant: resists most food and beverage stains.
  • Soil resistant: exclusive LotusFX fibre shield helps keep carpet clean.
  • Resists static shock: anti static protection against annoying static shock.
  • Resists abrasive wear: limits fibre loss due to abrasion from foot traffic.
  • Texture retention: helps maintain its original appearance.

Stainmaster TruSoft® Warranty includes:

  • food and beverage stains
  • static shock
  • soiling
  • pet urine stains

Shaw’s® patented co-application process results in total fibre coverage that provides excellent stain and soil protection while also reducing airborne household odours.