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Show off your personality with Hardwood Flooring and Wood Floors from Complete Flooring Solutions in Red Deer. Complete Flooring Solutions has so many styles, colours and types of hardwood floors and wood flooring to choose from. Wood flooring can be enjoyed for generations, it’s durable, stylish and wood floors are brilliantly adaptable - whether you’re looking for a floor to accent traditional or contemporary features. Wood floors are unmatched in beauty and each floor is distinctive as much as each species of wood is unique.

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Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood flooring is among the most beautiful flooring because it is warm, attractive and comes in many different styles and patterns. And where as many engineered floors can’t be refinished over the years, solid hardwood floors can, therefore a quality hardwood floor can last for generations. A solid hardwood floor is an investment that can add real value to your home and can help with quicker resale too!

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Besides the authentic, natural characteristics that hardwood floors can provide, it is matched only by the value it provides for its long-lasting capability. With limited, but proper maintenance, a solid hardwood floor can provide many years of lasting beauty. A solid hardwood floor is organic and a natural flooring product, attractive as it is distinctive, that any artificial floor covering would find difficult to match.

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Solid wood floors by Shaw
solid wood floors by Kraus
solid wood floors by Lauzon
solid wood floors by Runway
solid wood floors by Kentwood

Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood flooring is constructed of three pieces of wood, with a hardwood layer on top. The layers of wood pieces are stuck together under extremely high pressure. This type of manufacturing can create wood flooring which is of higher strength and durability when compared to hardwood flooring constructed of solid material.

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Engineered flooring has several advantages, the most important being, it easy to install. This type of manufactured wood flooring allows for installation as a floating floor on almost any kind of subfloor – which is the easiest way (and in most cases, economical) to install a floor.

Engineered wood flooring looks as good as solid wood. Because the top layer of the flooring is the same as a solid hardwood floor, there aren’t any compromises for style or finish compared to solid hardwood floors.

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Epic engineered wood floors by Shaw
engineered wood floors by Kraus
engineered wood floors by Lauzon
engineered wood floors by Runway
engineered wood floors by Kentwood

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can combine the beautiful look of natural wood and benefits of synthetic flooring. Laminate flooring can provide a durable floor and will wear well in high-traffic areas compared to wood floors. Laminate floors come in a wide range of shades, colours and appearances of wood types. The biggest advantage laminate offers over wood flooring, is price. Laminate flooring offers both style and durability on a budget and is available in Red Deer at Complete Flooring Solutions.

Laminate Construction

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Laminate wood floors by Shaw
laminate wood floors by Kraus
laminate wood floors by Runway
laminate wood floors by Kentwood

Wood Floor Advantages

Complete Flooring Solutions in Red Deer can help you make the best decision for hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, engineered flooring and Celenio flooring, depending on your taste, needs and budget. We understand that the floor you choose is an investment in your home. We’ll give you all the information you need to make sure you’ll enjoy your floor for years to come. Stop into Complete Flooring Solutions in Red Deer to see our extensive wood flooring showroom.

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